Plastic Surgery Marketing Consultant Reveals His Patient Attraction Strategies

Are you a Cosmetic Surgeon who wants to attract more affluent patients to your practice?

As a Plastic Surgery Marketing Consultant, I’ll show you exactly what you need to do to transform your medical practice by attracting more affluent patients using the Internet without SEO at all.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never been successful in the past using the Internet to find patient – this time, things will be different.

Thanks for joining me again.

My name is Chris Sewell, creator of Chris Sewell Digital Media located in Brooklyn, NY.

I specialize in helping cosmetic surgeons in the US and Canada attract affluent patients online, without using SEO.

What I have to say in this 8-minute video has nothing to do with SEO or any search engine optimization type system you often get spammed about.

What you want are more affluent patients immediately, am I right?

If you’ve spent 1000s of dollars advertising online and got nothing much out of it, don’t worry because there’s a specific way to doing it correctly that has been hidden from you until now.

What I have to say has nothing to do with building Facebook Likes or sending out Tweets on Twitter.

You don’t need Social Media to attract affluent patients online either.

Google PPC, that’s pay-per-click, is more effective in attracting the type of patients you want to your practice than yellow page ads, highway billboard signs or radio.

Your practice will either learn to master Google PPC and thrive, or be crushed by it because all of the new patients will go to your competititors.

If you’ve tried Google PPC in the past and got little to no results, or you know nothing about it…

Well, that was then and this is now.

I’m sure you already know that online advertising is the wave of the future to stay alive.

A cosmetic surgeon I know, who exclusively used yellow page ads and billboard signs for years, confessed to me that he lost 40% of his practice.

He lost 40% of his practice because new patients prefer to use the Internet to find a cosmetic surgeon and he doesn’t know how to advertise online like his younger competitors.

This surgeon complained that young upstart doctors, who are more Internet savvy, are getting all the new patients on the Internet.

Do you want your competitors to keep getting all the new patients online, while you continue using old-school techniques that are less effective?

When you use Google PPC the way I show you today, your practice can start attracting more affluent patients within 24-hours of your first campaign.

What my competitors don’t understand about cosmetic surgeons like you is that your type of business is different.

To attract affluent patients to your practice, your online presence must convey trust before someone feels comfortable enough to fill out a form or call to get a consultation.

This is the big online secret to finding patients online that no one tells you about.

Google Adwords is a special advertising platform because when used the way I tell you, it can attract affluent patients to your practice each day, nonstop.

You can even hand off what I teach you to your staff.

As a patient attraction specialist for cosmetic surgeons, the Google PPC campaigns we setup and management for our surgeon clients, focus on building trust first.

Once that trust is established online, the prospect will gladly call your office or fill out your online form for a consultation.

This “trust” element is critical and if you leave this piece out of your PPC campaigns, it often means less patients or no patients at all.

But when you add the secret sauce of “Trust” to your PPC campaigns, you can easily attract more affluent patients than you know what to do with.

This is why I created a video called, “Google PPC Exposed for Cosmetic Surgeons: 6 Overlooked Trust Hacks That Will Attract Affluent Patients To Your Practice.”

when I say “hacks”, I don’t mean doing anything illegal or something that violates Googles terms of service.

“Hacks” simply means secret tactics you just don’t know about.

My 12-minute video outlines 6-overlooked “Trust” hacks you must add to you PPC campaigns, via a Landing Page.

If you’ve never heard of a “Landing Page” before, just know it’s the “secret sauce” to all successful online advertising campaigns.

A landing page created the way I show you will deliver a boat load of affluent patients to your practice on auto-pilot.

You might be wondering how I learned these ninja Google PPC strategies I want to reveal to you.

Well, I first started advertising using Google Adwords back in 2010.

At first, I lost lots of money doing it all wrong, but I got smart.

I spent a little money, well, actually, a lot of money to have a Google PPC expert train me.

That’s when I started making money using these 6-overlooked “Trust Hacks” for creating landing pages for Google PPC campaigns.

These are the same 6 Trust Hacks you can use immediately to get more affluent patients online.

Honestly, I’m not a big fan SEO and I don’t think you really need it to attract affluent patients online.

My 12-minute video, “Google PPC Exposed for Cosmetic Surgeons” proves it to you.

This eye-opening video is FREE today — if you want it.

But, it’s only available for a short time because I may start charging for it soon.

If you’ve been advertising on Billboards, TV and radio — just allocating a portion of that advertising budget to Google PPC will yield tremendous results at a lower patient-lead cost.

And, the best thing is that unlike billboard signs and yellow page ads, Google PPC is trackable.

You’ll know exactly which ad campaigns are not making you money so you can cut them out and which campaigns bring you the most patients.

This tracking ability allows you to focus your dollars where it counts most.

But, you must set everything up exactly the way I tell you in my 12-minute video, “Google PPC Exposed for Cosmetic Surgeons.”

Now, I’m not sure how long I’ll keep offering this video for free.

If you’re smart, you’ll take advantage of this special free offer while it’s here today.

It could be gone tomorrow.

But, wait, there’s more…

As a bonus, I’ll also send you my 7-page survival guide, “Life Support for Cosmetic Surgeons” in PDF format.

This blueprint reveals 10 warning signs your medical practice may become extinct like the dinosaurs.

This report also tells you what actions to take so that the next 12-months can be the best 12-months of your professional life.

If you haven’t taken a hard look at your practice in a while, you need to read this report to make sure the Internet doesn’t leave your practice behind.

Why am I giving you all this for free when I could easily charge $197 for the package?

My hope is to get tons of valuable feedback from cosmetic surgeons like you.

Then I can take that feedback and create a larger training program to help more cosmetic surgeons in the US & Canada attract more affluent patients.

That’s why I’m giving away my video and report for free.

To get my 12-minute video, “Google PPC Exposed for Cosmetic Surgeons”, and my bonus 7-page guide, “Life Support for Cosmetic Surgeons” — sent to you free,

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It’s time you moved your practice into the digital advertising age and allow Google to send you more affluent patients so your competitors don’t get them all.

Let me ask you a question? Are you an action taker or a watcher?

If you’re an action taker, your choice is clear.

Take action, request these valuable one-of-a-kind resources for cosmetic surgeons while it’s still being offered for free.

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