Facebook Business Advertising For Yoga Studios

This is Chris Sewell, creator of Chris Sewell Digital Media. My company specializes in helping Yoga studios like yours find more paying students using the power and popularity of Facebook advertising.What I have to say has nothing to do with posting on your Facebook timeline.

This is about getting your advertising message in front of the specific people that are most likely to buy your Yoga services immediately. Currently, we’re expanding our services to help more Yoga Studios. It’s time that Yoga studios like yours grow using Facebook ads.

I created this short video to show you how my boutique advertising agency can help you grow your Yoga enrollment on Facebook to not only sell Yoga fitness, but also Yoga training, massage, acuputure, or personal training.So let me know what you think.

You already know that Facebook is the hottest social networking site online, but are you getting your fair share of new Yoga students from Facebook? Probaby not, so I’m going to show you how to do just that. So using some cool tools on Facebook, my team has the power to show ads to just the type of students you want at your Yoga studio.

If there’s a specific age group you want, cool we can get them for you on Facebook. If there’s a Gender you prefer to work with because they pay more and stay with your studio longer no problem, we can get you more of them on Facebook too. You can’t do this with Yellow page ads. No advertising platform in history can target your best prospects like Facebook can, and this is our specialty. So if want more people who live within 3-miles of your Yoga Studio or certain zipcodes, we can target those people as well.

How about students that make a certain amount of money? Facebook allows you to select people with certain incomes who can afford what you sell. This is a great way to target more affluent students and stay away from Groupon or LivingSocial type people who often have no money to pay full price later on. This next targeting featue is a big one.

If you want to steal students from competitors that have “LIKED” that competitor’s page, we can get you those stduents as well. Stealing your competitor’s customers on Facebook is super cool and 100% LEGAL. Now after we find people most likely to purchase your services on Facebook, we show them an ad that looks something like this. This is just an example, but we place your logo right here. The ad will promote a special deal you are running for first time students.

The ad copy ignites the reader by mentioning benefits your Yoga classes offer. Your ad could say something like this: If you’re looking to increase strength to get out of bed or climbing the stairs, to improve flexibility to prevent injuries, manage stress from a tough day at work, or boost your libido – we have the ultimate solution. Click below to see why Women are obsessed with our super fun Yoga workout that also puts their minds at peace.

In the ad, we use one of your company photos. If you look towards the very top, notice that the ad is run by my firm on your company’s behalf. We manage and monitor the ads performance so that you don’t have to. You focus on do what you do best, which is to give them one heck of a Yoga experience. Just imagine an ad like this plastered all over Facebook within 3-miles of your studio. Everyone will know your studio within a month or so who didn’t know it before.Get ready to be rockstars.

The offer in the Facebook ad can be one from your website, however, we prefer to strategize with you on ways to improve the offer to make the advertising campaign more effective. Ads like this have been tested in several Yoga markets in the US and Canada and were very successful. It’s time we brought these ads to your Yoga studio so can grow on Facebook as well. If you think you might want us to work with your studio I’ll show you how to get this done for free, so just hold on.

Now, the only people that see this ad are those we specifically target based on gender, age, income and location. After they click on your ad, they are taken to a page that looks something like this. This is called a dynamic video background landing page. You should never place an ad online and take the visitor directly to your website. That’s a recipe for disaster and losing money.

What you see here is how my agency used the Yoga studio’s video and designed the page to incorporate that video. Pretty cool, right? This video background draws the prospect into your studio to give them a taste of the incredible Yoga experience you offer. The prospect gets a taste of what you offer without actually being there. This is very powerful and increases the number of sign ups you will get for your special offers. The text on the page is pretty simple.

It reiterates your special offer and tells them to click below to get it. Notice the urgency statement that reads, 11 Packages Still Remaining. We use urgency statements like this to compel prospects to take action and request your special package deal right away. Once they click, YES Count Me In, we collect their name and email for you to perform further followup. The lead comes directly to you. Realize that leads are not magical. The magic happens when your staff follows up with all leads.

After they enter their details, we take them to a page that looks something like this. This page is what we call a ‘Get Them Calling You Now’ Thank You page. What makes my agency so unique is that we use the thank page to help you get new students now. We also use the thank you page to promote another service you offer. This gives you the opportunity to generate additional money from one ad campaign.

This page also uses an urgency statement that reads, this Yoga Special deal will go to First Time Students On A First-Call Basis. This ‘Get Them Calling You Now’ Thank You page, compels the prospect to call you immediately and sign up. You should still followup via phone with all prospects that left you their email and phone number. The most successful Yoga studios have their staff call every lead to maximize success.

We hope you will do the same because leads are not magical. The magic happens when you followup. Notice that the thank you page mentions a Bonus offer deal. This can be another service offered by your studio. You’ll also notice that some prospects will take you up on both services, putting more money in your bank account. But wait, it gets more exciting.

Guess what happens after someone enters their contact details and never signs up with your studio? Next, we implement what we call the ‘Hey We Didnt Forget About You’ advertising campaign. Often referred to as Retargeting. This type of Retargeting ad follows the prospect around on Facebook, giving you another chance to get them as a student.

Notice the first sentence of the ad. It says, In case you forgot this, and then it reiterates your special offer. The ad basically shows the prospect that, hey, you didn’t forget about them. Let me tell you, this is extremely powerful. Prospects that have seen your first ad are more likely to sign up for your Yoga classes after we implement one of these, ‘Hey We Didnt Forget About You’ campaigns. This retargeting process keeps your Yoga studio on the top of the prospects mind whenever they are on Facebook.

Get ready for your phone to ring like never before. Just have someone available to answer it. In the past, campaigns like what I just showed you, generated as much as 100 leads in 24 hours and one campaign delivered 290 leads in 24-hours for a national chain. Now, I’m not promising that you’ll get 100 or 290 new students in 24-hours. I don’t want to scare you with these large numbers. I’m just showing you what’s possible with Facebook advertising.

If you’ve never been successful advertising on Facebook before, well that was then and this is now. Most of your competitors are not using Facebook to grow their Yoga studios the way I just outlined for you here today. Just imagine if we started a campaign like this for you. You would be way ahead of your competition. They’ll be scratching their heads and wondering how the heck are you doing so well.

Today, you can leave your competition in the dust. As I said earlier, I’m looking for a Yoga studio to fill with new students using the Facebook campaign I just outlined to you. Best of all, it will cost you nothing. That’s right, my team wants to set this winning Facebook campaign up for your Yoga studio for FREE. Why would we make you such an insane offer when other studios easily pay $750 or $1,000 monthly for these campaigns?

Well, there are two reasons.

First, whenever we break into a new niche in a new area we offer a business owner our services for free to prove that we know what the heck we’re doing. Secondly, we plan to leverage the results from your winning campaign to acquire paying clients later. Here’s what I want you to do right now. I invite you to apply for this free offer today before we fill the spot we have available

Below this video is a button. When you click it, you’ll go directly to my website. Look over the 4 simple criteria we use to accept requests for this free offer. If you feel you meet all 4 criteria to have us build this Facebook campaign out for you for free click the button on that page to go to my online appointment calendar. You can schedule a 15-minute call to speak with me about setting up this type of campaign free.

Just imagine 50, 100, or maybe 290 new students to your Yoga student in 24 – 48 hours. Click the button below, apply today. I hope speak to you later.